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Recruitment tips

Advice for writing the perfect job specification

Your job specification is a candidate’s first impression of your organisation so the first paragraph should be a brief description of the company and how the vacant role fits into the organisation.

The more information that you give in the job specification - the more potential employees can prepare and relate back their previous experiences - and the more suitable candidates will apply.

Job Title:

Reporting to:

Overview of responsibilties
Outline as many duties as possible and give a percentage of the time spent on each task or an hourly value to duties. For example:

  • The role will be office based for 80 per cent of the working week.
  • Cold calling potential clients accounts for 60 per cent of each day.

Identifying and developing potential new clients takes up 10 per cent of each day.
General responsibilities

This should be an outline of additional key duties that the successful applicant will be expected to undertake. For example:

  • Demonstrate effective time management
  • Any necessary administration
  • Ad hoc duties to meet the needs of the business

Person Specification

Keep it simple and relevant to the advertised role. Clearly mark which are essential attributes with an E and which are just desirable with a D. For example:

E   Excellent organisational skills
E   Good sense of business
D   Full UK Driving Licence

Salary Guide

Try to be as specific as possible if you want to pay £15,000 per annum. If you put a guide of £12,000- £16,000 per annum you will be sure to attract inexperienced candidates who would be delighted to work for £12,000 as well as candidates looking for £17-18,000 who hope you will stretch your budget.

Remember: if you advertise the role at £15,000, but a candidate on a higher salary applies - they have much less room to negotiate with you.