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CV Tips

(Your name and personal details should appear first. Include your email address and mobile number so that the client can get in touch with you as easily as possible).

The perfect CV should be 2-3 pages long. Any longer and you run the risk of your CV being skimmed over rather than read in detail. REMEMBER this is the first impression of yourself that you are giving to clients, so put a little bit of personality on your CV, use a professional font (such as Ariel or Times New Roman) and ALWAYS proof check for errors - there is no excuse for spelling or grammar errors on a CV.

Personal Profile:

You should always tailor this sector to match the role you are applying for. Use descriptive verbs and list a key achievement that is relevant to the role. For example if you were applying for a sales role you could write:
"I am a tenacious and determined candidate who loves hitting targets. I enjoy working in a lively and competitive environment and in my most recent role was awarded the "top salesman of the month” award for three consecutive months.”

Skills & Qualities Try to list the skills and qualities that you think your target employer will be looking for. List things like your excellent IT skills, your ability to work under minimal supervision or any language skills you may have.
Work History Date Employer Job Title

Start with your most recent role first and bullet point key responsibilities. Clients may be put off by long sentences so keep them short and relevant. Include your reason for leaving each role. You may have had 3 roles in 12 months but if a client understands why they may be less concerned.
Education Date School/ University Qualifications

Interests Keep this sector short. Clients want to know that you have hobbies and interests outside work. They do not need to know that your favourite activity is going out on a Saturday night! – keep it professional.
References Make all references available on request.